Hong Kong Ferries

At the Hong Kong Airport Sky Pier passengers can board convenient ferry services to a variety of destinations. Sky Pier serves nine ports in the Pearl River Delta and also Macao:

  • Dongguan Humen
  • Guangzhou Lianhuashan
  • Guangzhou Nansha
  • Macao (Maritime Ferry Terminal)
  • Macao (Taipa)
  • Shenzhen Fuyong
  • Shenzhen Shekou
  • Zhongshan
  • Zhuhai Jiuzhou

Airline Check‐in at Pearl River Delta & Macao

Passengers can check in to their flights or obtain departure flight information at ferry ports and land points at both Pearl River Delta and Macao. Not all airlines participate, but those that do allow baggage drop-off, process boarding passes and arrange for pre-paid Air Passenger Departure Tax Refunds at the nine ports listed above.

Passengers need to arrive at the check-in counter at least 60 minutes prior their ferry's scheduled departure time. They must have their ferry ticket ready, and their air ticket with a confirmed flight booking for same day travel, and must produce a valid visa as well as their ID/passport.

Participating airlines are Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon, Air France, Air Japan and All Nippon Airlines, China Airlines, EVA Air, HK Express, Hong Kong Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen Shekou Ferry Terminal

Sky Pier is only 11 nautical miles from Shenzhen Shekou. Tickets are sold for Economy and First Class.

A single ticket for adults in Economy Class costs RMB260.00/HK$220.00, in First Class RMB290.00/HS$240.00 per person. Kids pay RMB170.00/HK$130.00 in Economy and RMB200.00/HK$150.00 in First Class.

Return tickets cost HK$380.00 in First Class and HK$340.00 in Economy. Kids pay HK$240.00 return in First Class and HK$200.00 in Economy.

Departure Times from Sky Pier to Shenzhen Shekou Ferry Terminal

Departs 08.15 am - Arrives 08.45 am
Departs 09.00 am - Arrives 09.30 am
Departs 09.45 am - Arrives 10.15 am
Departs 11.00 am - Arrives 11.30 am
Departs 12.30 pm - Arrives 13.00 pm

From then on ferries run on an hourly basis until

Departs 20.30 pm - Arrives 21.00 pm
Departs 21.20 pm - Arrives 21.50 pm
Departs 21.50 pm - Arrives 22.20 pm

Ferries take ca 30 minutes between the airport's Sky Pier and Shenzhen Shekou.

Departure Times Shenzhen Shekou Cruise Center to Sky Pier

Departs 07.15 am - Arrives 07.45 am
Departs 08.00 am - Arrives 08.30 am
Departs 08.45 am - Arrives 09.15 am
Departs 09.15 am - Arrives 09.45 am

From then on there's one ferry service an hour

Last ferry:
Departs 21.00 pm - Arrives 21.30 pm

For more information on ferry departures times, please visit http://www.cksp.com.hk/en.

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